Utility Locating

Were you aware that the law requires the location of utilities prior to any excavation on a job site? There are over 20 million miles of underground utilities in the United States, so do not take the risk at hitting one of yours.These utilities include communication lines, gas, water, and electric lines, septic tanks, and many others. By not locating before you dig you’re not only putting yourself at risk of damage but also your communities. Accidental damage to utilities can be expensive and result in injury, costly repairs, work down time and fines. While you may think you will save money by not locating your utilities before you begin work this mistake could lead to extra costs that add up and add additional time to your project.
Save time and money now by calling SIS GPR for all your utility locating needs.SIS GPR services are able to locate utilities to benefit the project in a timely safe cost efficient manner. SIS GPR has the capability to locate and mark utilities, with depths, on the site in real-time within minutes of arriving at the site and SIS GPR can save you valuable time. Once your utilities have been located and market using a set color coded system you are free to begin work on your project without risk of damages to you or your communities utilities.

  • Building a pool
  • Need to locate a septic tank
  • Just moved in and need to locate phone lines
  • Putting up a fence
  • Building a new deck
  • Bought a foreclosed house and need to find utilities
  • Adding onto your house
  • Laying new phone lines and want to know where your old ones are
  • Putting in a new gas grill and need to know where your natural gas line is