SIS GPR Services

At SIS GPR our GPR services include: concrete scanning, utility scanning, and Electromagnetic Utility Locating. We can provide any of your GPR service needs.

Utility Locating

Were you aware that the law requires the location of utilities prior to any excavation on a job site? Accidental damage to utilities can be expensive and result in injury, costly repairs, work down time and fines. SIS GPR services are able to locate utilities to benefit the project in a timely safe cost efficient manner. SIS GPR has the capability to locate and mark utilities, with depths, on the site in real-time within minutes of arriving at the site and SIS GPR can save you valuable time.

Concrete Scanning

With SIS GPR services we use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment which uses radio waves, not gamma rays, which are used in concrete x-ray equipment. Those gamma rays used in concrete x-ray equipment can be harmful to humans and therefore requires evacuation while in use. SIS GPR technology reduces the time and cost required for concrete inspection because the results are available on site and in real-time with safe radio frequency waves which do not require any evacuation. SIS GPR technicians can accurately and quickly locate rebar, conduits and identify post-tension cables before boring, drilling or sawing and results are available immediately. SIS GPR provides concrete scanning to identify what is in the concrete. SIS GPR will find post-tension cables. Damage to a post tension cable can affect the integrity of the structure which will slow down construction while solutions are found. We will locate rebar embedded in the concrete and mark its location so decisions can be made as to boring into it or avoiding it. Sometimes conduits are left in the concrete with data cables and fiber optic lines running through them. SIS GPR can locate these conduits and mark on the surface their location so they can be avoided when boring or cutting.

Electromagnetic Utility Locating

SIS GPR uses electromagnetic locating equipment which consists of utilizing a receiver and transmitter. We use it for quality control after SIS GPR locates the utility. We also use it in areas where GPR equipment is not practical due to terrain or vegetation.

Call us today at SIS GPR and we can discuss your needs for location and what GPR can offer to your project.