Electromagnetic Utility Locating

SIS GPR uses electromagnetic locating equipment which consists of utilizing a receiver and transmitter to pick up the signal.The radio transmitter is physically attached to the conductive structure to create electric current. Once this happens the radio frequency is set to the same as the transmitted and because of this the magnetic field over it is able to be detected. In order for electromagnetic utility locating to work the transmitter must be able to apply a signal to an insulated, metallic cable or pipe. Some examples of these would be telephone, electric, CATV lines, tracer wires, gas and water metallic pipes, and security, fire, or lighting systems. We use it for quality control after SIS GPR locates the utility. We also use it in areas where GPR equipment is not practical due to terrain or vegetation.

  • Need to locate tracer wires? They are often buried with nonmetal pipes.
  • Have a rough terrain area you need to find utilities in