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SIS GPR provides Ground Penetrating Radar, a non-destructive, non-invasive sub-surface investigation. Whether it’s hidden in the ground or embedded in concrete, SIS GPR has the equipment, knowledge and experience to locate utilities, drainage tiles, pipes and underground storage tanks (UST) in the earth as well as rebar, post-tension cables, conduits and PVC pipes in concrete. Ground Penetrating Radar will also determine the depth of the target. Whether in Alabama or anywhere in the southeast, SIS GPR services offers the contractor, plumber, electrician, landscape architect, golf superintendent and many other professionals the information that they need to complete their projects in a timely, safe manner.
SIS GPR will locate utilities where 811 line locators leave off on public and private property. SIS GPR has the technology to locate unmarked graves and accurately locate marked graves for cemetery expansions as well as any voids or obstructions in the ground. SIS GPR can help golf course superintendents locate important underground drainage tiles on greens and tees. With our Ground Penetrating Radar equipment, SIS GPR locates targets in the ground and in concrete Real-Time within minutes of arriving at the site. We can create high resolution 3D grid images on site which allows our experienced GPR technicians to evaluate target locations. In addition to scanning and marking targets in the field, SIS GPR can also provide detailed reports which include diagrams and maps of the scanned areas. SIS GPR specializes strictly in Ground Penetrating Radar services and GPR is not just another “tool in our tool bag”. Our trained and certified technicians offer experience of 30 years in the field of surveying and road building as well as ground penetrating radar. Read about our GPR services here.


Directional Boring Is Much Safer With Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


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