GPR Equipment- SIS GPR

SIS GPR uses the latest in GPR equipment and technology. We use GSSI GPR equipment. GSSI is the leader in the GPR equipment world. Specifically we use:

gpr equipment- sis gprUtilityScan 400MHz

UtilityScan 400MHz Rugged System for ground scanning to locate utilities, gravesites and underground storage tanks (UST’s). UtilityScan 400MHz Rugged System is also a great tool for bridge scanning to locate rebar, voids and erosion of structures.





gpr equipment- sis gpr StructureScan Optical 2600MHz

StructureScan Optical 2600MHz for concrete scanning to locate post-tension cables, rebar and conduits. One common use of this system is to clear areas for safe boring, drilling or cutting. With this antenna we can scan a barcoded grid sheet, of various sizes, taped to the surface to be scanned. A 3D image can then be easily generated providing a plan and cross-section view showing targets like post-tension cables, conduits and rebar. Decisions can be made quickly on where not to drill, bore or cut to avoid damaging these targets.



gpr equipment- sis gprStructureScan Mini 2D 1600MHz

StructureScan Mini 2D 1600MHz is a wireless portable handheld scanner for quick looks into concrete floors, walls or ceilings. It’s portability is ideal for tight areas. We use it for quick locates of rebar in block and for QA/QC of scanned areas with other antennas.





gpr equipment- sis gprMcLaughlin Electromagnetic Utility Locator

SIS GPR also uses a McLaughlin Electromagnetic Utility Locater to supplement our GPR equipment for utility locating in vegetated areas or for QA/QC of scanned data.






gpr equipment- sis gprDrillSpotter

We also utilize DrillSpotter which determines accurate reference points on suspended slab floors from ceiling to floor. Transferring accurate measurements from either side of concrete floors, walls or ceilings is easily done with DrillSpotter.





SIS GPR uses RADAN 7 Software for 3D processing of data and creating 3D images for planning or evaluation.

SIS GPR uses the powerful GSSI SR-3000  Controller with all of our antennae for real-time results.