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SIS GPR- Ground Penetrating Radar Birmingham, Alabama

Subsurface Imaging Solutions Ground Penetrating Radar Birmingham, Alabama. SIS GPR provides Ground Penetrating Radar Services in Birmingham, Alabama. SIS GPR was launched by Robert J. Black, Jr. a professional land surveyor with over 30 years experience in construction and road building. With his experience as a survey project manager, Black managed many projects in which utility and underground location was vital. Prior to the introduction of ground penetrating radar in the state of Alabama, Black relied on One Call services to locate and mark the utilities so his survey crews could locate marks on survey maps. Damage occurs to utilities because overground location of utilities is an approximate location. Intrigue with ground penetrating radar led Black to training in GPR in Oregon and he became certified in ground penetrating radar through Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc, the leader in GPR equipment and training. He returned to Alabama and opened Subsurface Imaging Systems Ground Penetrating Radar. SIS GPR specializes strictly in ground penetrating radar services unlike other companies that claim to have GPR capabilities. SIS GPR is locally owned and operated with the capability of large projects. The advantage of having a 30 year survey career enriches the ground penetrating radar services offered and the skill with which it is performed and managed. Whether you are searching for items buried in the ground or embedded in concrete, the technicians at SIS GPR can help you locate on site and in real time. Call SIS GPR today to discuss how we can help you locate underground and in concrete. Check out all of our services here. Check out our Facebook page here.

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Ground Penetrating Radar- Birmingham, AL