Residential GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Services

SIS GPR can provide residential GPR services for any underground or utility need. SIS GPR can locate utilities, septic tanks and field lines as well as obstructions and voids on residential properties. The “One Call” services will usually only locate within public rights-of-way or easements. We will locate from the public rights-of-way as well as locating on private property. You may want to locate your irrigation lines or just run power from your house to another location without damaging any underground pipes or utilities on your private property. SIS GPR can help in the placement of an in-ground swimming pool or a tennis court.

Contact SIS GPR today for any questions you might have about residential or home Ground Penetrating Radar needs. SIS GPR promises 100% satisfaction with our Residential GPR services and timely and friendly staff. Contact Us today.

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